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Freitag, Oktober 23, 2009
A neighbour installed SnowywindOSX build by Dalton on his wind and it looks VERY promising. I'm still hesitant, because on some posters report to have problems with their install, but maybe it's only a matter of not following the instructions - I don't know.

On a side note: Rebel EFI has been released today. As far as I understand it allows to install Mac OSX on PCs and the free version allows two hours of use. Sounds a lot like the EFI-x to me and I suppose both use code made by the OX86 community. Anyways, Apple OS will be found on more and more computers...

And there is more: Empire EFI looks like fun. It looks like the REAL thing.

And there is with a forum up and running now. The MSI Wind thread on was closed due to board rules violations: too many people posted or asked for links to that "mysterious" torrent (snowywindosx) offering a 10.6 install iso. Google might help there as well..
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In Österreich zuhause, interessiert an Dingen, die Fliegen, Strom brauchen und daran zu verstehen, wie und wieso diese Dinge funktionieren. Freunde, Musik (bevorzugt Ö1 und FM4) und Filme sind mir wichtig, TV besitze ich nicht.

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