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Sonntag, Oktober 11, 2009
After a LONG time another blog entry. The reason: OS X can be used on the MSI Wind U100 and there will soon be a new release of 10.6 and possibly 10.6.1.
I followed two fora (forum = singular, fora = plural, it's latin...) where Dalton and Mars (their user names) were announcing their releases. Well and the moment the release came closer the first forum ( refused to load. A server problem so it seems. Two days later more and more users from appeared on and Dalton prepared his release. Yesterday it was as close as can get and what happened? disappeared. If i was paranoid I'd say apple forced them to pull the plug. But seriously spoken the MSI Wind OS X users are so unimportant that a serious company like Apple simply could not care less, I think. And I even think Apple should do the opposite: If their system works more or less on the cheap MSI Wind there are for sure users that get addicted to OS X - it looks like a great system and there will be new customers for Apple.
I'm curious how this will develop and might even go ahead and try OS X on my own MSI wind...

Edit: the new place is HERE

Edit2: It very much looks like the torrent was released. Google might help to find by searching for torrent. Good luck!

And there is with a forum up and running now. The MSI Wind thread on was closed due to board rules violations: too many people posted or asked for links to that "mysterious" torrent (snowywindosx) offering a 10.6 install iso. Google might help there as well..

Edit4: 10.6.2 seems to ask for some further user input to run - will have answers.


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